How to Spark Motivations to Achieve Goals and Dreams?

Motivation are common in human lives which lead to diverse reason due to human different desires. Baumeister simplify the definition of motivation as wanting. Which is we as human wanting something to change in behaviour, thoughts, feelings, self-concept, environment, and relationships. Furthermore, motivation is important for human because it is part of internal process to drive a person into direction were the person able to adapt and be open minded in facing situations for problem-solving way.

Reason why you need motivation is because motivation helps you to bring us through forces to accomplish the wishes that your goal that you dreamt of. By wishing does not help us to take to take an action, it’s shows a weak desire. Thus, motivation is one of the strongest desires that drive force to move us forward and take an action to achieve our missions and goals that we wanted. Therefore, here are several advices that can be used to pump up your motivation in daily life.

First, you need to know what you want. Your goals should be analysed and reconsiders if the goals are worth of your time and effort. Then, if you realise that you do not care about your goals, you should set it aside. The reason is you might demotivate as the dream or goals were not your trully passions. Hence, finding something you really wanted to do are most important because it is easier or you to stay motivated especially for long term-period when the goals requires a lot of time to make it succeeded.

Second, goals or dreams should be written down and visualize it in our mind. Writing goals allow you to clearly see the goals or dream in words since the goal’s idea were described in specific manners. From here, we can start to plan properly to achieve the goals. Besides, visualize the dreams are important to gain motivations. Motivations were related with emotions and imagination. Which means that, if you want to get motivated, you must work on your feelings and imagination. So, you can feel that you have accomplished it by visualizing your dream, goals, or ideas as clearly as possible. Besides, visualizing allows us to take time to increase and gear forward for actions.

Third, exercising is crucial for your body to maintain your energy level in high level. Therefore, you need to exercise at least thrice a week. This not only improve your health but make you feel energetic, alive and feel motivated. So, any sport will be fine as long you are doing physical exercises.

Fourth, the power of self-control which able to control emotions from overwhelm are important in getting motivated. Never allow yourself to continue dwelling in of negative emotions and thought or letting self-pity over you. When this happen, leave out form the situations by doing something you like such as watch movies, take brisk walk, or meet your friend. In other words, shift your emotions by doing something else that allow you focus on something. Warren Buffet stated a quote “you will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing things with logic. True power is restraint. If words control you that means everyone else can control you. So, breathe and allow things to pass.” Hence, you will be in good position in getting over negative vibes in mind when follow the tips.

Lastly, take small steps by working on your goals, because we didn’t know that when will the opportunity and time come on the right time. Therefore, waiting it is just making you procrastinate your path in succeeding the goals. Keep in mind that plan and decisions need to take in that moment not in the future. Hence, to get the results of achieving goals and dreams, you should act now even though in slow progress but consistent because you can accomplish your goals faster.

In conclusion, it is easier to feel motivated for short-term goals but when it comes to long-term goals, it is not easy to consistent on motivated. Therefore, its good to follow these several tips that allow us to find or sparks new motivation to achieve our goals and dream.

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